Every Day Sicily is a box of identity, experience, culture and community.

We are not tourism expert; we are part of a non-conventional communication agency that have decided to focus on Sicily 360-degree.

We constantly work on this project, Every Day Sicily, to underline how beautiful is this land, showing it not just to Sicilians, but also to the entire world, because we strongly believe in a brighter future for Sicily. We have understood that coming back in Sicily after some years spent round the world was not just an enthusiastic choice, but probably also the right way for those who, like us, have always worked with image, beauty and its thousand facets.

We have understood that beauty was our home, we just needed someone that communicates it.

Our aim is to tell everything that speaks about Sicily, to show it so sicilians that have no confidence in the place where they live, to the people that want to travel far from mass tourism and to those just curious to know what this big, special and controversial island hides.

To achieve our aim in the best way, we travel every day to try firsthand the emotions that we need in order to build sicilian tales, discovering that inside a place others are hidden.

We travel to know Sicily in its multi-faceted, with all the means we have at our disposal and we follow its pleasant speed to enjoy its real identity.

 We would like that everyone in contact with Every Day Sicily could feel, even once, as our friends felt; those for whom Sicily is now home.